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Best SEO Agency in Kolkata

Why Lead Height Should your One Stop Location for SEO?



We have our own expert team who would eagerly want to give a entire transformation of your website. Before any action we start with complete analysis of your  website, competitors. Based on that our expert team optimize your website. Our experts would like to assure you with maximum ROI and top rank on SERP.  SEO team use the advanced strategies and tools. We build our strategies based on what the search engines want.  Our specialist handle each and everything to rank your website on SERP.  We deliver potential leads as well as sales. 

Best SEO Agency in kolkata

Is SEO Important for your Website?

SEO is a crucial step for your website. It is the process to boast your website and make a vibrant digital presence. Our SEO Agency in Kolkata has the best strategy for SEO. 

Understand the Business

Our outmost priority is our client. So first think we do is understand the entire business of our clients, their USP, strengths. 

Keyword Research

Wrong Keywords can ruin your website. So We work with the most unique keyword to rank your website on the first page of Search Engine Result Page.

Competitor Research

To grow your business digitally you have to show case your uniqueness among competitors. We, Lead Height give priority in competitor research. We identify our client’s best competitors and build strategy accordingly.


We use a number of strategies to increase organic traffic and potential customers. We make your website look its best by including original titles, headings, and pertinent graphics. Our strategies make us the op SEO agency in Kolkata.


The single most important stage in SEO is off-page optimization. After completing the prior steps, we begin link building outside of the page to establish credibility and increase visibility.